Located 19 km from Béziers, 15 km from Lamalou and 7 km from Roquebrun, Causse et Veyran is a typical wine village. It is a village in the Languedoc region, located on the main road, D19, from Murviel-lès-Béziers to Roquebrun. The territory of Causses reaches the banks of the Orb, and it is dominated by Puech du Mont Peyroux. The village of Causses lies on a clay and limestone plateau dating back to the Pliocene.
The name of the village derives from those of two places: Causses: Caucio (1199), from the Latin calx: lime, limestone. Veyran: from the man name Avarius, Varius or Verius and suffix anum (Latin suffix suggesting ownership). From 1625, the two names appear together: Causses et Vairan. In 1760, the name of Causses et Veyran is established. Causses absorbs Veyran town between 1790 and 1794.

Château Guiraud Boissezon

We inherited the land from my mother's (Nicole Boissezon) family and it was Etienne Tarral, her grandfather, who had established the largest part of the vineyard in the 1900s, the origins of Causse winemakers date from the 1870s. Syrah: 3ha 50, more than 10 years old (Château Guiraud Boissezon).
- SYRAH: 3ha 50, more than 10 years old (Château Guiraud Boissezon)
- CARIGNAN: 5ha, more than 50 years old (Château Guiraud Boissezon)
- ROUSSANNE MARSANNE (AOC): 3ha, young vine
- MOURVEDRE: 0ha 75, young vine (Château Guiraud Boissezon)
- ALICANTE: 2ha 30, 45 years old (on Veyran) (Le Sirop de Michel et Pompilia Guiraud)
- SAUVIGNON: 1ha 80, 15 years old (on Veyran) (white peasant wine)
- CINSAULT: 3ha 60, more than 40 years old (Château Guiraud Boissezon rosé and red)
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"Nice of the Hérault" – The place got its name because of its micro-climate. Protected from the north winds by the Esquirol Mountain, its privileged location allows the growth of citrus and other exotic plants. In the spring, the annual festival celebrating the blooming mimosa takes place on the second Sunday of February. This small village dominated by its medieval tower is one of the gateways to the Haut Languedoc Regional Natural Park.
A man-made beach set on the banks of the river Orb is now a paradise for kayakers. A restored grain mill, owned by the Regional Park, is home to many events: a painting exhibition preceded by an opening or other craft shows. Today Roquebrun enjoys the fame of its exceptional vineyard (PDO Saint-Chinian Roquebrun).


The family of my father Albert Guiraud owned this land, the vineyard is in our family since the 18th century and has been in this form since the 1830s.
- SYRAH: 4ha 40, more than 15 years old (Les Cerises, Terre Promise and La Suite)
- GRENACHE: 2ha 40, 35 years old (Cayenne)
- CARIGNAN: 2ha 60, more than 70 years old (Cayenne, La Suite and Terre Promise 2005)
- MOURVEDRE: 1ha 75, 20 years old (La suite, Terre Promise 2004)
- CINSAULT: 1ha 90, more than 50 old (Les Cerises)
- GRENACHE BLANC VERMENTINO: 20 years old (the white wine and the new cuvée 2005)
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